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The Schoolwear Association

The Schoolwear Association


The Schoolwear Association is the trade body representing manufacturers, suppliers and retailers in the supply of specific school uniform. With increasing financial pressures on parents, Tank was tasked with creating positive news stories that sell the benefits of school specific uniforms.


After discovering the benefits of a specific uniform, we set about raising profile of the Schoolwear Association with the national and trade press, as well as with parents, key education figureheads and political decision-makers, under the banner of ‘Every Child Is Worth It’.


Positive news stories on the benefits of a school specific uniform were achieved with publications such as Vogue, Huffington Post and The Sun, as well as on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5Live and ITV News.
Tank raised the profile of the specific school uniforms – ensuring that parents, head teachers and the general public are aware of the Association’s key messages and continued support from the Department for Education.

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