June 9, 2021 |

The pandemic year sent the already burgeoning education technology market into overdrive. With many parents having to rely on home schooling and schools looking for effective distance learning delivery methods, the winners were those whose product was prepared for the tipping point.

Education Technology Trends

As we begin to emerge into a more stable market, we wanted to take a look at the top trends that are set to continue defining the sector, and how your brand can position itself to capitalise on the education sector’s dynamic demands.

The importance of portability.

As smartphones and tablets increase in complexity and capability, the possibilities for learning on the go have improved significantly. Children today are digital natives, with the first of the fully smartphone savvy generations beginning to come of age – just imagine the quizzical look you’d get from today’s teenagers at the mention of a 3310! The expectation that comes with this familiarity is that of having the ability to access information and learning experiences on-demand and in real time.

Tap into the demand to up-skill.

With a world around us that is constantly evolving, the need for to learn additional skills and absorb new information daily is becoming increasingly important. People are aware of this need too, a report from Workable suggested that 42% of employees have taken the initiative to engage with digital learning products as a way to develop their personal and professional skills throughout the pandemic.

Create immersive learning experiences.

The leaps that have been made in virtual and augmented reality technology are set to have a profound effect on the way people learn. The technology puts the student at the heart of the experience, changing their role from a passive receptor of information to an active participant. As costs associated with the technology begin to become more accessible, schools and individual learners now have a greater opportunity to factor the tech into curriculums. ABI research recently shared that the market value of XR (Extended Reality) technologies in the education sector could reach as high as $700 million by 2023.

Leverage analytics and data.

One huge benefit of education technology platforms is their ability to return results in rapid time, giving teachers and course leaders the ability to visualise the progress of their students much more readily over time. Ultimately, what this access to data leads to is a more fulfilling and worthwhile experience for students overall, as opportunities for additional support are identified much more readily.

What these trends signal for brands in the education technology sector is a need to provide clear value propositions to the individual – how is your solution going to benefit them and further their learning and understanding? Don’t assume that because your target audience is younger, that they’re less interested in the features and benefits of your product – it’s simply not the case.

In addition to clarifying your sales messaging, making your product as interactive as possible will lead to better engagement, which in turn, will result in better candidate outcomes. Communicating these clearly as part of the product journey will encourage deeper engagement. As well as helping users feel as if they are making progress in their learning journey, it will enable those who are using your product as part of their curriculums with deeper insight they can leverage in designing and delivering their programmes.

Finally, and most importantly, education technology is enabling learning to become much more accessible, engaging and fun. Self-improvement can be an incredibly motivating message to share. By focusing on the impact of the potential outcomes your product facilitates can create an aspirational buzz around your brand, driving awareness and positive sentiment.

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