The Access Group

The Access Group


The Access Group is one of the UK’s largest business software providers, with over 5,000 staff and more than 15 divisions spanning legal, education, manufacturing and more.

Its overall domain doesn’t lack authority – Access is a major player in the software game. However, at a division level, it continues to face challenges in organic search when up against industry-specific competitors.


Working across multiple divisions, Tank was tasked to support its teams up against industry-specific software providers to drive quality relevant links into specific subfolders of the Access domain to allow each division to build their own brand and receive their fair share of the pie in organic search. 

Campaign content has been hosted across /education, /legal and more to drive the number of referring domains into the heart of the site and drive equity to products across its portfolio.


This has included campaign content targeting new teachers (Access Education), a stamp duty-focused campaign to target conveyancers (Access Legal), a Product Lead Time Index (Unleashed) and more.


referring domains into various divisions across The Access Group in just six months.

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