Bossa Nova Robotics

Bossa Nova Robotics


Bossa Nova Robotics is one of the UK’s most exciting businesses, as providers of human- size, autonomous, data-capture robots found in supermarkets. Its problem? The prospect of robots appearing in supermarkets across the country would have had many implications, perhaps positive and negative in terms of public perception.


Thanks to established ties with national retail journalists and editors of key industry trade titles, we knew that communicating the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Bossa Nova’s place in the retail landscape would be just as important as announcing which brands it was working with.

We consulted on this matter at the research, pre-announcement and announcement stages. We worked with lobbying agencies, government bodies, our client and its clients to ensure that the various stakeholders were fully aware of the significant benefits of the new tech brand’s robots to all parties – from grocer through to local communities.


In just three months, the thought leadership campaign secured numerous hits in the press, including coverage in Bloomberg, The Times and Retail Week.

The coverage we generated gave Bossa Nova the ability to talk directly to retail decision-makers, and we even secured a prestigious main stage speaker slot at Tech 2019, the go-to platform for all forward-thinking c-suite retail professionals.

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