Miller Homes

Miller Homes


House builder Miller Homes wanted to become a resource for homeowners looking for advice on lifestyle, property and family matters.

Despite its strong reputation it had limited backlinks to its site. Miller needed regular activity to build its profile with new links from a variety of trusted sources to improve rankings for new homes-related keywords.


Over 12 months, Tank has taken a multifaceted approach to digital PR, mixing data-led campaigns with advice on trends and topical thought leadership.

For example, we used information on changing trends in décor-based Google searches to provide expert comments on colour schemes.

We also used data to reveal the UK cities where residents are most likely ditch the gym and pursue fitness at home. In partnership with Blue Cross, we also managed a campaign to educate dog owners on how to help their pets keep cool in hot weather.



Pieces of coverage and links within the first six months.


Referring domains from just one campaign, including links from the Express, Scotsman, Stylist and Property Reporter.

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