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Lacklustre copy and tedious content makes dangerous camouflage for great businesses.

Bland or vacuous doesn’t interest your customers, or us. Content needs to be engaging to function for your marketing, lead generation and to reassure your customers and clients that you’re still the best around. People engage with stories, so we create story-led content that eats the weak and makes your business stand out.

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What is content marketing?

We use the power of words to trigger action.

A content agency creates copy that helps businesses impart information. Our team of writers and ex-journalists specialise in crafting engaging pieces that make highly complex topics accessible, understandable and appealing to a broad audience.

What we produce isn’t to fill space. It’s to give advice, dispense help and, ultimately, generate leads and sales. We know that every piece of content begins with a story, and we know how to create and tell one that works effectively at every level of the marketing funnel.

We have experience in targeting a myriad of disparate B2B and B2C audiences, through industry trend reports, whitepapers, guides and well-optimised website content — all to be published and promoted through multiple channels for the greatest impact.

Should your audience be international, the copy we create is localised wherever it can be. Rather than simply translated, this means it’s tailored to the tone and nuances that resonate most with readers on a local level, wherever on the globe that may be.

Our approach-


Good content marketing understands challenges.

We create appropriate and interesting content, whilst keeping to key marketing objectives. We then time it to meet what your audience is looking for at each step in their decision-making process.

At the top of the funnel, we put your business in the right place to make the best first impression — for which there is only one chance to put your expertise on the map.

As people warm to your words and open up to what you offer, our more comprehensive content will help them to consider their options. Here, you start to stand out against your competitors as an expert and visionary, showing why you should be the primary choice.

At the bottom of the funnel, as people start to deliberately look into businesses like yours, our short-form content will deliver the final push and call they need to take action and become a customer.

Some content we get our teeth into :

Guides, cheatsheets and solution materials

Industry trend reports and whitepapers

Blogs and website landing pages

Paid social ads, paid search ads and email sales copy

A thoroughly-researched and well-written guide will show you understand your target audience’s issues and challenges.

Willingly giving away a certain level of advice establishes a level of trust at the top of your marketing funnel. It shows that your business has invested time into researching what they need — something that we can help you to do.

The industry advice the guide needs to include may be complex, but we’re experts at making sense of complex issues and presenting them in a way that a broader audience is able to easily digest.

By bringing guides and materials like these to people’s attention through social media, email and PR, they will work hard to engage a new batch of people and bring them into your funnel.

These reports and whitepapers focus on the future aspects of your sector. They may be technical, but we’re experienced in making such things engaging and understandable.

By creating and publishing a review into your own industry, researching a particular aspect of it or preparing a detailed report of its health, your business can be looked upon as a source of sound knowledge and wisdom, as your audience starts to look a little further into what they need.

A key pillar of a content marketing agency’s work, our team of writers have the ability to present intricate data, research and opinions in a format that is able to be clearly understood and eminently readable.

Reports or whitepapers can then be used as lead generation tools for you, as part of paid social media campaigns or in marketing emails to your existing clients. They can also prove fertile ground for press releases, features, infographics and social media content off the back of specific findings, feeding into the next stage of our work for you.

Blogs have several uses in the top to mid levels of your marketing funnel. When written to back up an informative story, they can provide a more personal perspective on a subject from one of your team.

They can also perform an important role in SEO, by attracting organic traffic to your website. As long as your blogs answer their original search queries, as well as being excellent pieces of content in their own right.

The content on the landing pages of your wider website is sensitive. It forms a powerful impression of your brand and is the measure by which they judge your service or product. For Google, it affects how that page ranks for key search terms and, therefore, how likely people are to visit at all.

We’ll write well-optimised and structured content for the web pages you want to rank in searches, and support your SEO efforts.

By providing answers to the last elements of research a lead will do before they’re ready to make a decision, this content has immense power — but is delicately balanced.

This content is what gives your audience at the very bottom of your sales funnel the final push, and dovetails perfectly with the location to which it applies — even on a multi-national basis.

As the tools to persuade leads to make their decision and arrange an appointment, book a demonstration or place an order, the words should strike directly to the heart of what those people need.

Short-form pieces like these may only consist of a few words, but they can only serve their purpose if they are clear, well-written and ruthlessly efficient. There’s often no room for poetic language.

Because this stage is so crucial to get right, content localisation plays an even more important role. Simple translations of short passages often miss the mark, so getting local nuances and cues correct is dependent on local knowledge.

Fortunately, our strong network of native writers based in multiple countries can help with this.

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Using long-form content to attract and deliver leads

Using long-form content to attract and deliver leads


Contensis, a content management system by Zengenti, powers high profile institutes such as the University of Nottingham, the NHS and Cumbria Police.

Breaking into the private sector was vital for achieving the next phase of growth. And, with more big companies stepping up their digital transformation strategies, the team wanted to position Contensis as an expert partner to help them achieve their ambitions.

Using its expertise and experience in B2B SaaS, Tank’s content studio built and delivered a content campaign – with a long-form yet digestible e-guide at its core.

This downloadable resource – called Avoiding the Cliff Edge: Why Digital Transformation Should Be Agile – included expert guidance and case studies to create a step-by-step guide, which tackled some of the most common barriers to digital change for enterprise.

It provided a roadmap for organisations, going beyond theory to provide practical tips for teams on their transformation journeys.


Over 400 downloads and counting – Contensis’s best ever result for a long-form content piece.


273 downloads from private sector organisations – the key target for this campaign.


Of all downloads were marketing qualified leads.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is about answering people’s questions, imparting information, piquing their interest or persuading them to take action. Whatever the form, whether it’s in a news story, on a website, in a whitepaper or an annual report, it needs to be engaging and clearly understood.

We’re experts at taking complex subjects and translating them into pieces that can be more widely understood. People connect with stories, which they can apply to their own lives and situations, and our content team are excellent storytellers.

Ultimately, a content marketing agency works to attract customers with good quality content. Its work is to sell your brand, product, service or expertise to people without arousing suspicions they’re being sold to, and to pass on information without being perceived as spammy.

What is a content strategy?

A content strategy sets direction of what content you need, why, when and reminds how it should be produced.

This is informed from your buyer personas, brand strategy and keyword research. Buyer personas give us the profile of your target clients and, more importantly, their challenges and pain points. These direct the key set of messages we need to weave in to help resonate with those people.

Keyword research, for SEO purposes, will create a plan of organic content that helps your audience find you through their searches in Google. This will be a mix of long-tail informational pieces and short-tail commercial-led landing pages.

To tie all of this together, consistently representing your tone of voice and personality, we’ll use your brand strategy. This is a document that sets the essence and DNA of your brand and gives clear guidelines to our team when it comes to matching your language to key brand messages.

Which businesses can do content marketing?

Any and every business can use content marketing and benefit from it. Whatever the sector — retail, technology, education or hospitality — there are always benefits to be had in growing your audience and maximising your appeal.

If need be, we can start creating content for you straight away. Though, to get the juiciest benefits, we will discuss your marketing strategy and how the pieces fit into that, helping you to achieve your business’s next milestone.

Every piece of content, together with other activities such as PR, digital, social media or technical SEO, should work together to achieve that goal.

Can we help with content translation and localisation?

Business today means appealing to multinational audiences is increasingly necessary, but this brings its own challenges.

Translating copy — whatever its form — is important to truly capture the attention of international readers. However, simply handing it to a content translation agency can mean the subtleties and meaning are lost or dampened in the process.

Because we understand the essence of the message being put forward, having helped to shape your tone of voice and being guardians of your brand, we know how that messaging will sit within the channel and your overall strategy.

We use our network of writers based in various countries around the world to not only act in place of a content translation company and change the language of your copy, but also to apply the relevant distinctions that match up to the customs and conventions of different cultures.

This is what will make it equally as effective as a marketing tool regardless of the country, giving you true content localisation that native customers will trust.

To date, we’ve localised and deployed content into countries including Germany, France, Spain, US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.

How does content marketing help to build my brand?

Having a distinctive brand voice is what makes your brand recognisable. People buy from people, not loosely-connected gatherings, so making sure your business speaks with a consistent style and personality is crucial.

Our team of content writers are brand chameleons, slipping seamlessly into different brands’ voices to create pieces that fit perfectly. And, if you’re unsure your business’s tone of voice isn’t quite right, we’ll help to evolve it into what it should be.

We act as the content marketing agency for businesses in finance, software, ecommerce, science, manufacturing, property, leisure and more. Each sector must be thoroughly understood for the content to be authentic and engage readers, but the marketing funnel process remains consistent.

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