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Want to be found for your expertise?

Not for making cat memes or squeezing apples into your mouth, but through your stories and increased visibility in search.

This requires digital PR, fuelled by compelling content that influential sites surrounding your space want to link to. These sites only take content from the best campaigns. The best campaigns come from great public relations agencies – the people who understand that content worth linking to starts with a story.

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What is digital PR?

Digital PR works hand-in-hand with SEO to improve online presence and boost website authority (to both users and Google).

It combines creative content campaigns and PR know-how to build high-quality links back to your website, bringing web traffic with it.

All well and good, but why would you need this?

For Google, securing relevant links back to your website is still considered one of the most significant ranking factors. The most valuable place your business can sit is within the top three of Google’s search results for your key commercial keywords, and digital PR is one of the most powerful ways to get there.

We’re an experienced digital PR agency, so we’ll work with your team to develop content ideas that eat the weak and gain linked online media coverage from reputable websites your target audience reads. Through this, we’ll gradually build the awareness of your brand, recognition of your products and trust in your expertise. That’s what will help to improve search rankings, traffic and, in turn, business.

Our approach-

How a managed digital PR agency works

We’ll work with you to establish your business goals online and pick out the most lucrative search terms you should appeal to for your next phase of growth. We’ll also get an idea of your budget.

We then integrate ourselves into your business, become experts in your field and get to work building the external relationships needed to achieve the right coverage for you.

As PR specialists at heart, we create digital PR strategies which complement your brand awareness efforts and deliver value beyond just links. Every campaign has PR fundamentals as its backbone – quality, relevant stories that raise awareness but benefit from the wider SEO benefits of link acquisition.

We become advocates of your brand, and we respect your brand’s reputation. Every idea we have, every article and press release we write, goes through an internal quality checking process. Nothing gets worked on until you’re happy and sign it off. We handle all the media communications to ensure we get valuable coverage and build those links.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Fundamentals of our digital PR service :

Build relationships in the right way

Create campaigns that eat the weak

Collaborate with our SEO team

Make sure people link back

We don’t blast out emails to the masses. For every single digital PR campaign, we build bespoke, targeted media lists that will add value to what we need to achieve. We establish what journalists and editors want for their audience and then pitch the idea with the perfect hook to entice them and their readers.

This isn’t ill-thought-out link building or spammy tactics from yesteryear. It’s not just about link building either, although we do offer this as a service too.

It’s creative, refined and targeted – with a pinpoint focus inside a broad brand vision.

And we’re not just restricted to the news, consumer, trade and vertical trade media either – we’re always looking for well ranking non-media sites that carry high-quality traffic, that may wish to receive articles from you too.

The content we create for link building needs a news hook and stand out from all the other noise. Tank is built on storytelling; our PR and content experts know how to tell a great story and lift brands to a new level.

The type of content we can create is endless, from discovering the most vegan US state, to generating links for an Algarve-villa specialist, to making parking tickets sexy with a campaign that generated 50+ links.

Digital PR and SEO work hand in hand. Our technical SEO expertise defines where campaign content and links should be placed and directed to best influence search engine performance. This team will carry out extensive keyword and competitor research to look for the opportunities you might be missing out on.

We’ll also carry out extensive backlink analysis – looking at all existing links to your website as well as your competitors’ – to check your current potential for appearing in Google search. This enables us to spot new opportunities, as well as quickly eliminate any potentially toxic links pointing to your domain.

Given that digital PR focusses heavily on the new content created on your website, it’s vital that whoever references that material gives recognition in the form of a backlink. This not only helps the reader navigate to your page to learn more about the campaign itself, but Google sees a link to your page as a highly trusted endorsement.

We’re tactful in who we send your content to. Our time has to pay, so we only target publishers with the right audience and those your SEO will benefit from.

The more endorsements the page gets, the more able it is to support the more commercial pages you’re trying to rank. We can even secure new links to your core product pages as well.

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Our Work -

Digital PR campaigns tied to SEO objectives

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YORKTEST white logo

Using digital PR to break a UK health test specialist into America.

After conquering the UK market, home-to-laboratory test specialist YorkTest wanted to break into the UK search space with its food sensitivity tests.

The US site only had 33 referring domains linking into it, which was not strong enough to rank for YorkTest’s target search terms.

Tank created a multi-layered digital PR approach, combining timely data-led content campaigns with informative thought leadership stories.


New referring domains from the likes of Men’s Health, Business Insider, The Sun US and Fox.


Increase in the website’s domain authority


Increase in organic traffic from the US region.

CREDITFIX white logo

Delivering links and traffic within a taboo subject area.

Creditfix is one of the UK’s largest debt insolvency businesses and suppliers of Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) helping thousands of people to manage their unsecured debt levels. The business hit a ceiling with its organic strategy and engaged Tank to support with its link building efforts.

IVAs can be a taboo subject with journalists and Tank has had to think creatively to deliver relevant audience campaigns that journalists are happy to link to.

With energy prices at an all time high, Tank developed Creditfix’s Christmas Lights Calculator, allowing users to enter their type and quantity of Christmas lights, date of installation and usage levels to establish the cost of running these over the festive period. Links so far include Sky News, Metro, Daily Mirror and Daily Record.


major pieces of national coverage achieved since launch.


referring domains, with 87% follow links.


unique visits to the campaign page since launch.


Taking a local firm to page one for a major industry keyword.

Almond Financial came to Tank to grow its financial advice and retirement planning services nationally.

While its website ranked well for local Lincolnshire keywords, its lack of content and quality backlinks meant it struggled to compete for the most lucrative terms – particularly those relating to pensions advice.

Tank doubled down on pensions advice. A multi-layered style of digital PR was used, alongside insightful keyword-focussed content and off-page technical SEO work.

By combining data-focussed content campaigns with timely thought leadership advice about pensions, Tank’s team positioned Almond as a true authority in the sector – with the insight and content to back it up.

On-page content was written in line with regulatory requirements. The digital PR campaigns had broad appeal, achieving coverage and links from a wide variety of the target audience’s preferred titles.


New referring domains, including the Financial Times, Pensions Expert and the Daily Record.


Increase in clicks from searches of target keyword topic.


Ranked alongside major household names for “Pension Advisors”.

MILLERHOMES white logo

Building brand reputation In the SERPs for national house builder.

House builder Miller Homes wanted to become a resource for homeowners looking for advice on lifestyle, property and family matters. Despite its strong reputation it had limited backlinks to its site. Miller needed regular activity to build its profile with new links from a variety of trusted sources to improve rankings for new homes-related keywords.

Over 12 months, Tank has taken a multifaceted approach to digital PR, mixing data-led campaigns with advice on trends and topical thought leadership.

For example, we used information on changing trends in décor-based Google searches to provide expert comments on colour schemes.

We also used data to reveal the UK cities where residents are most likely ditch the gym and pursue fitness at home. In partnership with Blue Cross, we also managed a campaign to educate dog owners on how to help their pets keep cool in hot weather.



Pieces of coverage and links within the first six months.


Referring domains from just one campaign, including links from the Express, Scotsman, Stylist and Property Reporter.

MOTORFINITY white logo

Digital PR & SEO combine to take an NHS discount service to new heights.

We were tasked with helping Motorfinity UK rank for the target keyword ‘NHS car discounts’. At the same time, we also needed to improve overall organic visibility for the brand amongst wide B2C and B2B audiences.

To do this, our digital PR and SEO teams worked to funnel link equity into Motorfinity’s key pages. We created a number of automotive digital PR campaigns to increase the number of quality referring domains from national, regional and vertical B2B trade press.

These campaigns examined all aspects of modern motoring, zoning in on drivers’ frustrations and needs. They also revealed data around topical issues, gave money-saving advice for motorists and lobbied for change.


Peaked at position two in Google for the keyword 'NHS car discounts' keyword (after not previously ranking).


New links acquired from 308 pieces of media coverage in the first eight months.

DR 56

Average domain rating (56) from all new linking domains.


More impressions within Google compared to before we started.

IPSOS white logo

Using digital PR to break into America.

Ipsos Retail Performance is the UK’s leading authority on retail footfall. Working with Tank, Ipsos wanted to raise its profile and generate brand awareness in North America, particularly via
Google Search.

Expanding on its relationship with retail, Tank used Google Trends data to uncover US search habits around veganism. We created a dedicated landing page showing the growth in veganism across every single US state, during a 15-year period. Did you know Oregon is the most vegan state in the US?


Major pieces of national coverage achieved since initial launch.


Referring domains, with 84% follow links.


Increase in referral traffic during the campaign launch.


Year-on-year growth of new referring domains.

Digital PR Insights

Good to know -

Digital PR FAQs

Why digital PR is important for any business.

If your business relies on organic search visibility to fuel new business and revenue, then you need to improve your rankings to keep pace with your competitors. Mixed with the right SEO techniques, digital PR is crucial in making that improvement happen in the jostle for more customers and the fight for their trust.

Google’s algorithm works out which websites should rank highest for search terms based on the quality and trust signals. These measures look at the content, the technical footprint, surrounding social signals and the quality of backlinks to its pages. In the eyes of Google, this is similar to a voting system.

The more credible sources you have linking to your website, the more powerful your pages are and the more likely they are to rank towards the top of search engine results pages, or SERPs.

Digital PR is a highly effective strategy to deliver these high authority links to your site, from sources your target audience reads.

The difference between digital PR and traditional PR.

There are many similarities between digital and traditional PR, in that both rely on pitching stories to journalists, securing coverage and building brand awareness. However, digital PR goes one step further than PR in its links to SEO.

As well as providing a valuable and informative story for a journalist to cover, digital PR also requires a strong enough reason for that publisher to link back to your website. This could be in the form of detailed blog content with further campaign information, new data, a tool or some enticing visuals or photography.

Brand sentiment and messaging heavily influence the topics and themes of digital PR campaigns, but they are also directed by SEO. While brand awareness and coverage is a byproduct of digital PR, the goals and metrics of this type of activity are usually focussed on the quality and quantity of links built. This has a resulting impact on search engine visibility, organic traffic and, ultimately, sales.

How digital PR improves organic search rankings.

Links are one of the most powerful signals to Google in determining how it ranks its search engine results pages, and digital PR is one of the most effective ways to achieve those links.

High authority links, such as those typically placed through digital PR coverage in media publications, can often act as a catalyst for those sites that have hit a glass ceiling with their SEO strategy. You can have the best content and technical optimisation but, if nobody is linking to and endorsing that content, the scope to rank for core keywords is limited.

Digital PR is an effective way to build these links at scale, in a way that allows you to target different parts of the site at different times, to match seasonal trends throughout the year.

Digital PR is more than just link building.

Google the term “link building”, and you’ll find lots of information about dubious SEO advice and questionable tactics surrounding buying links. Link acquisition has evolved a long way over the past five years as Google has become smarter in recognising paid links, link exchanges, and other popular techniques from the early days of SEO.

Digital PR is the most effective way of generating authentic, high quality and relevant links in the places your audience is, both at the top and bottom of the funnel. And, while campaign content can be used to build these trusted links, the content can also be used across multiple channels such as paid social, email marketing and retargeting efforts. This builds and develops your brand voice and positioning further.

It should be the crux of your marketing strategy, bringing both digital and communications channels together.

The power of data to measure digital PR.

It’s no secret that data now lies at the heart of everything to do with marketing, regardless of your business’s size and scope. All business leaders need to be able to see the impact of their investment, and this is one of the core benefits of digital PR: its measurability.

As well as quantifying brand awareness, coverage and reach, as with traditional PR, digital PR can go one step further in linking these efforts towards keyword ranking improvements and organic traffic. This is powerful data that can be used to guide your digital PR strategy, overtake competitors and gain a competitive advantage. Especially over those that are yet to consider this tactic of link acquisition.

Accurately measuring how campaigns perform, among specific audiences in particular sectors, is what builds the crucial insight needed to inform the direction and scope of your activity, as well as the tactics it will employ.

Creating a digital PR strategy.

Your digital PR strategy is what ties all of your activity together. It is the goal towards which we work, and is the overarching principle that drives your campaigns. It defines the purpose of your marketing.

Without a clear strategy, or with an outdated one, your digital PR activity will be disparate and misguided. As a result, it won’t attract the type of coverage, traffic, reputation that your business needs.

In a strategy, we have a yardstick to measure whether a particular activity or campaign is right for you. Will it further your business towards those goals, or will it be a disjointed addition? If it’s the latter, it’s not for you.

By thoroughly analysing your audience, your strategy and the activity it guides will appeal more directly to the very people you need to target.

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