April 8, 2016 |

We’ve been working with Town and Country Pet Foods for a good few years now. They make the HiLife brand for cats and dogs with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Our brief – to lure fancy felines and pampered pooches away from other brands by raising its profile in the press and on social media.

When we first started working with the team at Town and Country, social media wasn’t something they’d tried but three years on, their premium product has been under the noses of hundreds and thousands of pet owners everywhere.

And this is part of the reason one of the most famous dogs in Hollywood started sniffing around. Snoopy was making his big screen debut and 20th Century Fox was after a pet product partner to help them launch ‘Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie’.

The film giant was looking for a brand to help them connect with dog lovers and HiLife is on the shelves of all major supermarkets, independent pet shops and online stores and dishes up over 50 million meals a year, so it made sense to work with them. Add to that, HiLife Dog has the most engagment of any pet food brand on Facebook and an active following on Twitter, and the brand was definitely coming out as best in show.

The community on the HiLife social channels is a real community, they are involved in the page and the product, with hundreds of people liking, sharing and interacting with posts. Although the numbers are high, it’s not a numbers game, it’s about real people who have become brand advocates.

People talk and share content, they want to be part of something that is both informative and entertaining and if a community talks, that’s organic reach and that’s powerful. It’s vital that HiLife is part of this community and it becomes second nature to provide relevant content that people will respond to. When people talk, or branding is seen by real communities, that’s like gold dust to a company like 20th Century Fox.

HiLife worked in partnership with 20th Century Fox in the run up to the premier with the social channels reaching almost 360,000 people in three months. We even got to walk the red carpet with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Now that’s Hollywood glamour.