Our micromobility PR expertise

Nobody reads, shares or publishes content just because it's there. People share stories, not content.

We use PR, social media, SEO and digital PR to create great profiles for clients - but the story that makes this work always comes first.

How we create quality content

As a micromobility PR specialist, Tank can assist in making these connections. We help clarify your message, targeting it effectively to influence behaviour and inspire action. Our team is made up of journalists, copywriters, creatives and micromobility PR experts - people that can shape a story into something the media wants to feature.

We have worked with tech platforms, robotics innovators, and vehicle manufacturers to help drive home their unique proposition, carve out a niche and acquire new customers.

Feedback from our Micromobility PR clients

Tank did truly great work indeed, delivering results that surpassed our expectations.

- CEO, Bicycle Manufacturer.

Tank’s research findings were illuminating and confirmed a lot of our own expectations on consumer demand in the market.

- CEO, Shared Micromobility Operator.

Big campaigns have simple beginnings. This one starts with a phone call or email.

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