How we make PPC campaigns convert into sales and goal completions

Working with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and paid social, we offer a bespoke PPC service with a very proven track record of delivering results.

For those not overly sure about this, PPC is a form of advertising where brands pay a fee each time one of their online ads is clicked. These ads are shown at the top of search results and social media channels, based on users’ search habits and behaviours.

Paid online advertising, when run effectively, can deliver a substantial return on investment. Most people’s perception of Pay Per Click advertising is throwing money at a keyword and hoping it converts. The reality is, a successful PPC campaign requires skill, strategy and know-how.

Our digital team comprises accredited professionals, who have worked with some of the UK’s most significant brands. The campaigns we deliver are not built on assumptions and guesswork – nor are they run via automation with little attention to detail. We craft them through analytical research and react quickly to any opportunities changing in the market.

Us being a PR agency helps here too

As a PR agency we are filled to the brim with talented writers, who know how to use copy to get attention and give people a good reason to do things – like click through on an ad. This is what makes our PPC campaigns stand out, and beat the conversion rates of clients’ existing campaigns.

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