How we get started

If clients ask us to manage their social media channels for them, we follow a simple and proven process. Firstly we develop a social media strategy, which looks at who the audience is, and what they want from a brand’s social media channels, depending on what stage of the purchase / engagement process they are at. As well highlighting the audience and their interests, the strategy looks at the best time to post, post frequency, what channels to post on and crucially – what the channel’s voice and persona will be. All of these elements are crucial when managing channels to increase social media following, engagement and goal completions.

Why you need a PR agency for social media management

Some people argue that organisations should manage their own channels in house. They are not wrong to suggest this, and more often than not we recommend the same. The reasons for using agencies for social media management are simple. It could be that a business doesn’t have the resource for someone to handle the channels themselves, or indeed anyone internally with the level of experience needed for the job.

PR agencies are, by default, writers and creators – both essential qualities for crafting social media content that someone is going to engage with, follow and seek more of. Our  social media management company helps to spark conversations online, and uses content to change opinions and get people to buy into a brand.