How it works

In our world, a good social media strategy, is a circa 40 page document that examines who a client’s audience is, and crucially what they want and need from a brand’s social media channels. It looks at what stage of the purchase / engagement process the various audience segments are at – e.g. are they suspects or prospects? It also highlights the audience and their interests, and looks at the very best times to post, and how often, what channels to post on and crucially – what the channel’s voice and actual persona will be. All of these elements ensure that the target audience is comfortable engaging with the brand they know, trust and admire. Once created, we can train client teams to implement the strategies.

Why you need Tank for social media strategy.

Tank has led the development of social media strategies for some of the UK’s leading consumer and corporate brands. These have included banks, high street opticians and national pet food brands. We are goal orientated and certainly don’t believe in posting for the sake of it, so all of our strategies are designed with measurement methods to assess their effectiveness in practice, and also help with the development of the client teams implementing them.