Discovering technical SEO obstacles

The main aim of technical SEO is to discover any potential obstacles that search engine ‘bots’ might encounter when crawling a website. Ignoring these issues, could be detrimental to a site’s ranking.

Google’s algorithm is always evolving and more than ever, there’s a greater emphasis on usability and accessibility, which reinforces the importance of technical optimisation.

Keeping the engines running

It’s our job to keep clients’ sites running like finely tuned engines. With an effective keyword, content and link strategy, they see results.

This never happens overnight. Good SEO takes time and technical know-how, and unless they want us to, we never subject clients to technical jargon attacks. We report the great work we’ve done each month with a simple audit to show the progress that’s been made.

Once a page is optimised, search engines’ results will mainly be influenced by the number of quality of links pointing to a site, which in turn, help increase keyword rankings. This is why it’s essential that a strong SEO strategy is coupled with link building, or as we call it – digital PR.