Writing for clients

Writing for our clients, we immerse ourselves in their brand and speak as they do. Every word is considered and every sentence is structured in a way that ensures messages land with their audience.

We write for humans not search engines. Keyword research might inform our ideas and choice of words – but our language is always human. We want people to talk about our content and share it because it’s genuinely interesting and insightful.

Understanding the nuances of language means we can evoke the right response and ensure messages are not misinterpreted.

Striking the right tone

When brands get their tone of voice wrong, it stands out a mile. Corporate, cloying or inconsistent language rarely wins people over – so it’s important to think about what would make it recognisable and appealing.

If a client has not yet refined its tone of voice – perhaps because it has grown, changed or rebranded – we can help to develop a strategy that underpins every communication. This strategy will guide every piece of content and reflect the personality of the organisation (not the person writing it).

How we can help

A brand tone of voice strategy helps to refine the character of an organisation, expressed across social media, web, editorial copy and ads. It brings out the positive qualities a brand wants to be associated with (inclusive, empathetic, expert) and provides a roadmap to get there.

We can also run a tone of voice workshop where we get to know the brand inside and out.

We’ll conduct interviews with key members of the team and develop the personality traits clients want their organisation to be associated with.

Next, we’ll develop a tone of voice guide, with tips on writing strong and persuasive copy that cements a brand’s position in the market.