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We’ve been creating successful social media marketing campaigns since 2007, when Twitter was in its infancy, Facebook was for students and Instagram was nothing at all. As the technology and audience has grown, our expertise and team have expanded.

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What is social media marketing and how does it work?

The Jekyll and Hyde of communications is something that works for any and every business.

Social media marketing is a way to directly communicate with your audience, (mostly) without the middlemen of journalists and news organisations. A potent weapon in your marketing arsenal, it brings the ability to send an undiluted message to potential customers.

It does have a two-faced role. On one hand, organic posting enables natural communication between your brand and the people you’re trying to reach — a chance to show how your business works, what its people are like and, for B2B marketing, what it’s like to work with. For a B2C approach, it’s the perfect way to directly attract customers and showcase offers.

On the other hand, it is a paid advertising medium, representing the opportunity to target an audience far larger than your organic posts would alone.

In our role as a social media marketing agency, we can handle yours in one of two ways. Either by designing and running your campaigns for you, or by designing your campaigns and training your team to do it themselves.

Our approach-

Why do you need a social media marketing agency?

Social media is one of the most direct ways to access your market, but it’s a fickle one.

Social channel posts should be honest. In many ways, people expect to see behind the scenes of your business, and your social channels should lift the curtain a little to show what it’s really like.

So why use an agency for social media management, rather than keeping it in house? Simple; agencies are, by default, writers and creators – essential qualities for crafting social media content that people are going to engage with, follow and seek more of.

Our social media team helps to spark conversations online, uses content to change opinions and gets people to buy into a brand. As an increasing number of users devour news on social media, it is now a crucial avenue of communications that needs the same level of consideration as any other.

Our social media services include :

Social media strategy

Consultancy and training

Organic social media management

Sales and lead generation

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but only if it’s thought through. Our social media strategies allow businesses to use social channels and messaging that actually help achieve business goals. Not there for the sake of it, but for the good of business health.

To put together a social media marketing strategy, we will examine your audience in depth. We’ll ask what they want and need from a brand’s social media channels and investigate what stage of the purchase or engagement process they’re at. Are they suspects or prospects?

Using this information, the strategy will lay out the best times to post, how often, which channels to post on and, crucially, what the channel’s voice and actual persona will be.

All of these elements ensure that the target audience is comfortable engaging with the brand they know, trust and admire.

Once the strategy has been created, we can train your team to implement the strategy. Whether they are experienced in social media or new to it, our digital team are experts in explaining the process simply and understandably.

Of course, we are always available to answer questions or to act as a sounding board for ideas. We’ll act as the brand guardians for your channels, defending them as if they were our own, and so we’ll always give you our honest opinions on whether an idea works or not.

This is about maintaining communication with your market, and ensuring that people who have already shown interest in our business, service or product are kept informed.

It’s a balancing act, as posting simply for the sake of it is obvious and off-putting. To avoid berating your followers and causing them to unfollow your brand, we mix and switch between messages and sentiments, appealing to different interests and needs, whilst keeping your cohesive brand style.

On behalf of our clients, our paid social specialists use social media advertising to build relationships with future customers, ​​grow communities, raise targeted brand awareness and deliver our clients’ products and services to those who have a real need or desire for them.

For us it’s all about research and knowing the community. We create strategic paid social ads, with a clear and measurable plan for success. Paid social advertising increases brand awareness and can reach niche and general users ​who are ​genuinely interested in clients’ offerings – with a clear message, that’s on brand. ​That means we stay abreast of the latest advertising options, ​regularly research​ing new tools and techniques, and ​using proven tactics to achieve real (and measurable) results.

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Our Work -

Organic and Paid Social Media Campaigns

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Marking 50 years in retail with a viral social media campaign.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Victoria Centre wanted to make a splash that would ripple across Nottingham and the surrounding counties, while attracting broader demographics, including the consistently renewing student population.

Tank worked alongside the central team to contact Nottingham celebrities and influencers to feature in monthly events across PR and social media, with one larger integrated campaign centering around internet legend, Charity Shop Sue.

Creating a stunt to name Charity Shop Sue as the centre’s ‘special retail advisor’, Tank worked on an integrated campaign to create a press announcement, media interviews and a day of filming to capture ten videos for all social channels, including Victoria Centre’s newly created TikTok.


Aggregate readership from online news.


Impressions across all channels.


Pieces of media engagement generated.


Followers gained across social media.

AFFINITY white logo

A multi-channel global launch for a creative software powerhouse.

Affinity, a creative software provider, needed support for the global rollout of its new V2 package. Tank was to design and deliver a strategic lead generation and PR campaign to announce and drive sales of the software.

Tank delivered a localised multi-channel strategy across Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram over a three-month period.

Campaigns were built to target clearly defined audiences across 10 countries in four languages, driven by the careful creation of over 3,200 ads – all with specific and localised design, messaging and calls to action.

Tank was also the lead agency, coordinating with Japanese, French and German-speaking PR professionals, to activate an integrated PR launch campaign and ongoing thought leadership activity.


ROAS as an average across all channels in just three months.


Pieces of media coverage across six countries - including pickup by The Guardian, TechRadar, T3 and Engadget.


The V2 launch contributed to the company exceeding £30m annual revenue for the first time.

How social media fits into your wider marketing strategy.

It’s a mistake to think of social media as a separate entity, with its own rules, isolated from the rest of your brand.

Whatever your market, and whichever the channel, social media is most powerful when it’s aligned to the rest of your marketing activity. Mixed in as an omnichannel approach, this gives you a consistent tone of voice and a consolidated message.

Don’t forget — your audience may encounter your brand several times before they interact. A joined-up approach gives them the confidence that different people in your organisation communicate.

How do you define the audience for paid social media ads?

We can target people who have already visited clients’ websites. Our clients can speak to people who have an interest in their competitors.​ We can reach individuals with specific needs, interests, wants and budget – and make sales and raise awareness.

We create realistic plans based on meeting client’s KPIs. We run social advertising campaigns, large and small, for our clients, plus we stand by some of the largest UK brands, supporting their marketing teams so that they can get the best ROI.

What Tank will bring as a social media marketing agency?

We’ve led the development of social media strategies for some of the UK’s leading consumer and corporate brands. These have included banks, high street opticians and national pet food brands.

We’re goal-orientated and certainly don’t believe in posting for the sake of it. All of our strategies are designed with measurement methods to assess their effectiveness in the real world, and also to help with the development of the client teams implementing them.

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