April 24, 2019 |

We featured heavily in this Daily Mail Online article, which is nice as we invested over £1m into the new office, to create a great place to work and somewhere that we actually wanted to be every day.

Our building is quite renowned for its gory heritage – the owner of the mansion that was once on this site, was shot on his doorstep by an aggrieved Luddite. Now though, it’s seemingly known for its bar.

When we were deciding what we wanted for the building, we were looking for something that was authentic to what we are about – not just a list of things that agencies feel they should have to be ‘different’ – bean bags / ping pong et al. A lot of what has made us successful is our network, and the relationships that we have with people that we work for and those that we don’t, and so we needed a space where people could meet and socialise as well as work.

A bar seemed the perfect idea.

In true bar brawl style, its very mention caused heated debate in board meetings. Was it the height of irresponsibility, flagrant hedonism or simply a place for people to come and relax, enjoy themselves and come up with wonderful business ideas with the people they meet there? We think the latter.

Anyway, thanks Daily Mail Online.